Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking

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Learn Ethical Hacking Course By Joining IICS Computer Education Institute

IICS, Best Ethical Hacking Institute In Delhi, is known for introducing the variety of ethical hacking or cybersecurity courses so that students would not have any dearth of the options. Being the best institute, quality is never compromised at this platform. Moreover, we are also known for imparting classes on a fast-track basis. As of now, a number of students have done this Cyber Security Course In Delhi from this institute and now working at respected posts. What makes us different from others is the well-versed faculty dedicated to design the ethical hacking courses so that aspirants could accumulate profound knowledge.

Government and Reputed Businesses Need Professionals Good At Hacking

These Cyber Security Course In Delhi comes up with incredible job opportunities in this field. Cybercrimes in increasing day-by-day and therefore more experts are needed who can cater in this field without compromising the quality. Whether it is government or business professionals, they all need security regarding their data. They are worried about the safety of their sensitive data. Therefore, the significance of people loaded with profound Cyber Security Course oriented information who can serve in the best way cannot be ignored.

Learn Ethical Hacking Getting Enrolled At IICS

What could be tricky more than finding out that important documents have been stolen? The recrimination and wrongdoing almost become a huge threat these days. Therefore, the importance of the Cyber Security Course In Delhi cannot be ignored at all. This course imparting by the best Ethical Hacking Institute is quite popular in order to secure the cyber framework.

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to go with the ideal course introducing by the Best Ethical Hacking Institute In Delhi and go with the information shared by the experts. Incredible job opportunities are just waiting for you.

Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking (6 Months)

Pre-requisites of This Course

  •         Better Understanding Of Basic Computer Application
  •         All About Programming Language: C & PHP 
  •         What Is Networking and How Does It Work 
  •         Let Us Understand Operating System: Windows, DOS & LINUX 
  •         Understanding Of Database In A Better Way: SQL Language 

Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking (6 Months)

  •         A Deep Introduction To Cyber Security
  •         Deep Understanding Of Cyber Laws And Standards
  •         All About Footprinting
  •         What Is Network Scanning And Its Significance
  •         A Brief Introduction Of Spoofing
  •         What Is System Hacking
  •         Key Factor Of Web Application Hacking
  •         A Deep Understanding Of Injection
  •         Key Features Of Mobile Security
  •         A Detailed Guide Of Web server Hacking
  •         What Is Firewall IDS And IPS
  •         Malware – Let Us Understand 
  •         Denial-Of-Service ( DoS ) – Significance and More 
  •         How Does Wireless Hacking Happen?
  •         Different Aspects Of Social Engineering
  •         What Is Cryptography
  •         Let Us Understand Of Cloud Security
  •         What Is the Internet of Things ( IoT Security )
  •         Different Aspects Of Penetration Testing

Cyber Security & Ethical Hacking(12 Months)

Unit: 1 (6 months)

  •         All About Basic Computer Application
  •         Let Us Understand Programming Language: C & PHP 
  •         What Is Networking
  •         Different Aspects Of Operating System: Windows, DOS & LINUX 
  •         What Is Database: SQL Language 

Unit: 2 Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking (6 months)

  •         Significance Of Cyber Security
  •         Key Features Of Cyber Laws And Standards
  •         Better Understanding Of Footprinting
  •         What Is All About Network Scanning
  •         What Is Spoofing
  •         What Does It Mean By System Hacking
  •         Web Application Hacking and Its Significance 
  •         Injection – What It Is?
  •         Mobile Security – How Does It Work?
  •         Web server Hacking – Importance and More 
  •         Firewall IDS And IPS – Key features and More 
  •         Malware – What It Is?
  •         Denial-Of-Service ( DoS ) – Better Understanding 
  •         Today’s Era and Wireless Hacking
  •         Significance Of Social Engineering
  •         What Is Cryptography
  •         Cloud Security –What It Is?
  •         Basic Of Internet Of Things: IoT Security 
  •         Modern Era and Penetration Testing