Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Training in Delhi

Cloud Computing - 2 Months

Introduction to Cloud Computing

  • What Is AWS Architecture?
  • Basics Of AWS Management Console
  • Detailed Information On AWS Account

Amazon Managed Relational Database (RDS)

  • Amazon RDS: What and How Important It Is?
  • AWS Dynamodb: Significance and More
  • How to Setup MYSQL, SQL and Oracle Database?

Amazon EC2 and Amazon EBS

  • Setting Up Windows Instance in Amazon Ec2: How It Works?
  • What Is An Ideal Way To Host a Website on AWS EC2 Instance?
  • Elastic IP: What and How Does It Managed Sophisticatedly?
  • Step-By-Step Guide Upon Backup and Restore of EC2 Servers?

AWS Identity and Access Management Techniques

  • Ideal Way To Setup Users, Groups
  • Sophisticated Way To Enable MFA: Multi-Factor Authentication

AWS Cloud Watch

  • Setup Notification – Step-By-Step

Auto Scaling and Load Distribution in AWS

  • Load Balancing and Auto Scaling – How To Setup?

Multiple AWS Services

  • What Is AWS Cloud Front ( CDN Services )
  • Point To Consider If Going To Host Website Region-Based to Reduce Latency
  • Ideal Way to Send Notification About Any Resource Like Services Down

Amazon Storage Services S3, RRS

  • What To Consider While Storing Files in S3
  • Ideal Way To Store a Static Website in S3

Amazon Route 53

  • Detailed Guide On Amazon Web Service Training

AWS Work Mail and Work Docs

  • What to Setup Email Service for a Company?

AWS VPC ( Your Own Network )

  • Significance Of Amazon VPC with Subnets
  • Key Factors To Have Internet Gateways, Route Tables
  • Reasons to Migrate Data to AWS Cloud and More

AWS Architecture and Design

  • Introduction Of AWS Backup and Dr Setup
  • Basics Of AWS High Availability Design
  • Significance Of AWS Import / Export

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