Advance Diploma in Computer Engineering

ADCE(Advance Diploma in Computer Engineering) - 2.5 years

Information Technology and Database

  • A Detailed Guide On Computer Fundamentals
  • Computer Architecture – What and How Does It Work
  • What Is an Operating System?
  • Ms-word: How Does It Work
  • Step –By –Step Ms-Excel
  • Significance Of Ms-Powerpoint
  • Let Us Understand Database Operations with (Ms-Access)

Network Technology and Web Application

  • Introduction to the Internet
  • What Is OSI and TCP/IP Model
  • A Detailed Guide Internet Connectivity
  • In-Depth Information On Internet Protocols
  • Electronic Mail: How Useful It is?
  • Current Trends on the Internet
  • Web Publishing and Browsing
  • Scripting
  • Interactivity Tools
  • Internet Security Management Concepts

Data Structure Through' C++

  • What Is an Algorithm
  • In-Depth Information: Object-Oriented Programming Concept
  • Basics of C++, Element Data Structures Arrays, Linked List
  • Abstract Data Type:- Stacks, Queues and Tree
  • Searching, Sorting, and Complexity
  • Graph

Software Engineering

  • A Better Understanding Of System
  • What Is the System Development Cycle
  • System Planning – Why It Needs?
  • Key Features Of Modular and Structured Design
  • Significance Of System Design and Modeling
  • Connection In Between Input / Output and Interface Design
  • Importance Of System Implementation and Maintenance
  • Computer System Security – Basic
  • How Does OO Analysis Design Work?
  • Introducing to Management Information System

Programming & Problem Solving through 'C' Language

  • Programming – A Detailed Report
  • Algorithms and flow charts for problem-solving
  • 'C' Language – What and How Does It Work?
  • Decision and conditional statement
  • Importance Of Array
  • Functions: In-Depth Information
  • What Is Storage Classes?
  • Basics Of Structures and Unions
  • How Do Pointers Work?
  • Analysis On Linked Lists
  • Let Us Understand File Processing

Introduction to Database Management System

  • What Is Database Management System
  • An Architecture of The Database System
  • Analysis Of Relational Database Management System
  • Basic Guide Of Normalization
  • Key Factors Of Relational Algebra And Relational Calculus
  • Step –By-Step Guide On The SQL Language
  • What Are Backup And Recovery
  • Significance Of Security
  • What Is Integrity?
  • Detailed Guide On Design And Development Of Database Application

Web Designing

  • Introduction to DHTML
  • A Detailed Guide On Tools and Tags
  • What Is All About Planning the websites?
  • Connection Between the Internet and world wide web
  • Advance HTML tags
  • Introduction to CCS
  • CCS layout Project

Introduction to PHP and MYSQL

  • How Programming with PHP Is Done?
  • What Are PHP syntax and constructs?
  • PHP built-in functions : In-Depth Information
  • Let Us Understand Arrays and datatypes
  • A Detailed Guide On Forms handling
  • Detailed Report On Session management
  • Working with SQL

Introduction To Object Oriented Programming Through Java

  • What Is Object-Oriented Programming?
  • How Does Java Programming Language Work?
  • Exceptions Handling – Let Us Understand
  • Event Handling – Significance and More
  • AWT and Swing – How Important It Is?
  • A Small Guide On Applet
  • JDBC – What Is All About It?

OS Architecture with LINUX

  • What Is Operating System Concepts
  • Linux Ideas And History
  • Linux Usage Basics
  • Detailed Report On Running Commands And Getting Help
  • File System: How Does It Work?
  • Step-By-Step Guide On The X-windows System
  • Significance Of Users, Groups, and Permissions
  • Advanced Topics In Users, Groups, And Permission
  • The Linux File System - In-depth Report On
  • Vim: An Advanced Text Editor
  • What Is Standard I/O And Pipes
  • How To Use the Bash Shell
  • What Is The Bash Shell
  • Importance Of Text Processing Tools
  • Shell Programming: In-Depth Information
  • Investigation And Managing Process
  • Detailed Information On Finding And Processing Files
  • Learn Basic System Configuration Tools