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Digital Marketing Course in Delhi

We are living in a world where we cannot go without being digital. It is too fast now. We access the internet to dig out information on any subject. The almost entire world is online now, which has eradicated the distance.

Digital Words Needs Digital Marketing

People are having information about any part of the world so fast. We are doing shopping from anywhere in the world. Now, most brands do not only fetch the attention of their local customer but internationals too. Therefore, Digital Marketing is necessary so that you can have more business irrespective of geographical boundaries.

Digital Marketing – A New Way of Marketing

The Internet has changed the way of marketing since it is called Digital Marketing. Saying would not wrong that the internet has also come up with a legion of job opportunities. And digital marketing is one of the fields oozing up with innumerable opportunities. Therefore, the Best Digital Marketing Course in Delhi is quite popular among youngsters.

Digital Marketing And Job Aspects -

According to the best digital marketing training institute in Delhi, Digital Marketing is much more than you think. It has a wide array of aspects to go with. You need to figure out in what niche you want to study on. It includes email marketing. SEO, SMO, PPC and so on. Reputed companies are paying a handsome amount to professionals having profound knowledge.

IICS Computer Education Institute has emerged as the best institute of digital marketing in Delhi catering in this field for a long time and adhered to come up with amazing results. Join Digital Marketing Coaching in Delhi for Advance Digital marketing.

Digital Marketing (4 Months)

UNIT 1:- Digital Marketing Overview

  •          What Is The Definition Of Marketing?
  •          Significance Of Digital Marketing
  •          Marketing Process: Let Us Understand In A Better Way 
  •          Prominent Reasons: Why Digital Marketing Wins Over Traditional Marketing?
  •          A Detailed Guide On Digital Marketing Process
  •          Increasing Visibility/Visitors/Targeted Traffic

UNIT 2:- Website Planning & Creation (Dynamic & Responsive)

  •          What Is The Definition Of Internet And Web
  •          Domain Names & Domain Extensions/Hosting:: Let Us Understand In A Better Way
  •          A Detailed Guide On Different Types Of Web Servers/Websites
  •          Prominent Reasons: Building Website Using CMS In Class

UNIT 3:- Email Marketing

  •          What Is The Definition Of Email Marketing?
  •          Email Works: Let Us Understand In A Better Way
  •          How Many Types Of Email Marketing- Opt-In & Bulk Emailing
  •          A Detailed Guide On Opt-In Email Marketing
  •          Easy Way To Set Up Email Marketing Account
  •          What Are The Best Platforms To Do Opt-In Email Marketing

UNIT 4:- Digital Promotion( PPC Advertising Google Adwords )

  •          Google Ad Words/Ad Words Account Structure:: Let Us Understand In A Better Way
  •          What Is The Definition Of Search Campaigns
  •          A Detailed Guide On Keywords/Creating Ads
  •          How To Create Display Campaign/Optimizing
  •          Significance Of Remarketing

UNIT 5:- Google Analytics

  •         What Is The Definition Of Google Analytics-
  •         A Detailed Guide On How Google Analytics Works
  •         What Is All About Link Tagging/Filters & Segments
  •         Let Us Understand In A Better Way: Customized Reports
  •         Significance Of Monitoring Traffic Sources
  •         Taking Corrective Actions If Required

UNIT 6:- Social Media Marketing

  •         What Is The Definition Of Social Media?
  •         Understanding The Existing Social Media Paradigms & Psychology
  •         Prominent Reasons: How Social Media Marketing Is Different From Others
  •         Let Us Understand In A Better Way: Forms Of Internet Marketing
  •         Significance Of Facebook Marketing
  •         A Detailed Guide On Linkedin Marketing
  •         Prominent Reasons To Go With Twitter Marketing
  •         Significance Of Video Marketing

UNIT 7:- Online Display Advertising

  •         Online Advertising: What Is The Definition Of
  •         Prominent Reasons To Say YES To Display Advertising/Advertising
  •         Let Us Understand In A Better Way: Payment Modules
  •         What About The Prominent Companies That Provide Online Advertising Solution
  •         All About Creating Banner Ads Using Tools

UNIT 8:- E-Commerce Marketing

  •         A Detailed Guide On: What Is E-Commerce?
  •         Significance Of Payment Gateways, Merchant Accounts & Logistics For Physical Goods
  •         Integrating Woo Commerce And Easy Way To Set Up An Ecommerce Store On Wordpress.

UNIT 9:- Mobile Web Marketing

  •         What Is The Definition Of Mobile Devices
  •         A Detailed Guide On Creating Mobile Website Through Wordpress
  •         Let Us Understand In A Better Way: Tools To Create Mobile Websites
  •         Use Of Tools To Create Mobile App: Prominent Reasons 

UNIT 10:- Content Marketing

  •         Today’s Era And Content Marketing
  •         Significance Of Content Marketing
  •         A Detailed Guide On: Content Marketing 7 Steps Strategy Building Process
  •         What Are The Ideal Ways To Monetizing Authority Blog
  •         Incredible Tips To Market Your Content

UNIT 11:- Online Reputation Management

  •         What Is The Definition Of Online Reputation Management?
  •         Prominent Reasons: Why Online Reputation Management Is Required
  •         Significance Of ORM Scenario
  •         Criticism Online:: Let Us Understand In A Better Way
  •         10 Online Reputation Management Commandments
  •         How To Create Positive Brand Image Online
  •         A Better Understanding Tools For Monitoring Online Reputation
  •         Step By Step Guide To Overcome Negative Online Reputation
  •         A Detailed Guide On Online Reputation Management

UNIT 12:- Affiliate Marketing Techniques

  •         What Is The Definition Of Affiliate Marketing?
  •         3 A's Of Affiliate Marketing – Significance And More
  •         Ideal Way To Making Money As An Affiliate With Examples 
  •         Are You Going To Start As An Affiliate
  •         What You Need To Know If Getting Approved As An Affiliate From India's Top Affiliate Agencies
  •         Trainer Shares His Secrets Of Affiliate Marketing

UNIT 13:- Adsense And Blogging

  •         A Detailed Guide On Affiliate Marketing
  •         Significance Of Adsense
  •         How To Get Approved For Adsense?
  •         Cool Trick To Get Adsense Approval By Google
  •         Using Your Adsense Account Interface
  •         What Is The Definition Of Placing Ads On Your Blog

UNIT 14:- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

· What Is The Definition Of SEO?

  •         Introduction To SERP: Let Us Understand In A Better Way
  •         What Are Search Engines?
  •         A Detailed Guide On Search Engines 
  •         Major Functions Of A Search Engine
  •         Significance Of Keywords
  •         How Many Types Of Keywords
  •         What Are The Ideal Google Keyword Planner Tool
  •         Keywords Research Process – Why It Is Important 
  •         Understanding Keywords Mix
  •         Google Operator: So That You Can Find Anything On The Web
  •         On-Page Optimization
  1.    What Are Primary Keywords, Secondary Keywords And Tertiary Keywords?
  2.    Significance Of Keywords Optimization
  3.    What Is Content Optimization & Planning
  4.    Understanding Your Audience For Content Planning
  5.    What Is The Difference Between Keywords Stuffing & Keyword Placement
  6.    Significance Of Internal Linking
  7.    Meta Tags Creation: Significance And More
  8.    Let Us Understand All About Creating Webpage In HTML
  9.    Using Google Webmasters Tool & Website Verification
  10.    What Are The Sitemap Creation & Submission In Website & Webmasters
  11.    Significance Of Sitemap Creation & Submission In Website & Webmasters
  12.    What Are The Ideal Way To Write A Content For Article, Blog And Press Release
  •         Off-Page Optimization
  1.    What Is The Definition Of Domain Authority?
  2.    Importance To Increase Domain Authority
  3.    Significance Of Back Links
  4.    How Many Types Of Back Links
  5.    What Is The Definition Of Link Building?
  6.    How Many Types Of Link Building
  7.    Let Us Understand Do's And Dont's Of Link Building
  8.    Importance Of Link Building Strategies For Your Business
  9.    Easy Link Acquisition Techniques
  •         Local SEO
  1.    A Detailed Guide On Google Places Optimization
  2.    Classified Submissions
  3.    Using H Card: Let Us Understand In A Better Way
  4.    Significance Of Citation
  •         The Most Important And Top Tools For SEO
  •         What To Need Of Monitoring SEO Process
  •         Prominent Reasons: Preparing SEO Reports
  •         Ideal Way To Create SEO Strategy For Your Business
  •         What Is The Definition Of Link Juice?
  •         Significance Domain And Page Authority
  •         What Is Domain And Page Authority
  •         Google Panda Algorithm: Let Us Understand In A Better Way
  •         A Detailed Guide On Google Panda Algorithm
  •         Significance Of Google EMD Update?
  •         Ideal Ways To Save Your Site From Google Panda, Penguin And EMD Update
  •         Prominent Reasons: Recover Your Site From Panda, Penguin, And EMD
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