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A Dot Net Programmer plays a major role to create as well as develop a set of agile system applications loaded with incredible skills to run on multiple platforms amazingly. Here, it needs to mention that a programmer comes up with a handy erudition as well as in-depth practical knowledge of Dot Net to develop an application in a native platform smoothly. It can be said that getting enrolled for this course under the Best Dot NET Training Institute in Delhi can take your career to the next level.   

The motto of this training program in the Dot Net Framework from the best Dot Net Training Institute in Delhi has been designed so that aspirant could get loaded with required programming concepts such as SQL querying, error handling control, exception handling as well as to object-oriented programming. You will get to know about different types of elements to get master of Dot Net. It needs to mention that this amazing program makes you enough skilled about various web applications and dynamic websites with cross-platform running abilities.

Being a distinguished platform, we have been catering in this field for a long time without compromising the quality. The best thing is that we are certified Dot NET and do come up with a profound and sophisticated methodology. What makes us high in demand among the students is that we always do come up with quality based content. The entire curriculum has been prepared quite carefully so that aspirants could have detailed information about the subject. At IICS, you will have a happy and healthy study environment. Getting trained from the best Dot Net Training Institute in Delhi means you will have amazing opportunities in your career.

Make sure that you are going to choose the reputed .Net Training Institute since it is all about your efforts, money, and future. Here, it needs to mention that .NET is a software framework planned as well as created by Microsoft. 

Overview of the ASP.NET

  •         A Brief Introduction of different Web Technology
  •         Asp.Net- Definition and more 
  •         Asp.Net – How Does It Work In A detailed manner 
  •         Significance and use of visual studio
  •         What About The Variety of Languages used in Asp.Net.
  •         Conclusion 


  •         What Is Common Language Runtime (CLR)
  •         Importance Of .NET Framework Class Library
  •         Last Words 

Setting up and Installing ASP.NET

  •         What Is All About Installing Internet Information Server
  •         Step-By-Step Guidance Of Installation of Asp.Net
  •         Let Us Understand virtual directory
  •         What Is All About Application Setting in IIS?
  •         In The Last 

Microsoft SQL Server 2012

  •         Detailed Information About SQL Server 2012
  •         How to Install SQL Server 2012 and More 
  •         What About the Key Features of SQL Server Express
  •         Importance Of SQL Server 2008 Express management tools
  •         Conclusion

Coding Standards

  •         Let us Understand coding standards follows during programming
  •         Conclusion 


HTML, CSS & JavaScript

  •         What Is All About The Basic of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  •         Summary

Asp.Net Standard Controls

  •         Displaying information

  What Is Label Controls

  Key features Literal Controls

  Detailed Information About Bulleted List

  •         Accepting User Input

  Definition Of Textbox controls

  Basic Of RadioButton and RadioButtonList Controls

  How Do CheckBox and CheckBoxList Controls Work

  Button controls – What Is All About It?

  Let Us Understand All About LinkButton Control

  Key Features Of ImageButton Control

  Basic Of Using Hyperlink Control

  Significance Of DropDownList

  What Is All About ListBox

  •         Displaying Images

  What Is Image Control

  Importance Of Image Map Control

  How Does Panel Control Work 

  Step-By-Step Guidance About Using Hyperlink Control


  •         A Detailed Information On-Page & State Management
  •         Overview of events on the page
  •         Conclusion 


Asp.Net Validation Controls + Javascript Validation

  •         What Is All About Required Field Validator Control
  •         Let Understand About Regular Expression Validator Control
  •         What Is The Idea Way To Compare Field Validator Control
  •         Let Us Go With Range Validator Control
  •         How Does Validation Summary Control Work?
  •         What Is Custom Validator Control
  •         Summary

Designing Websites with master pages

  •         Tips To Create master pages
  •         Best Tricks To Create default contents
  •         Significance Of Nesting master pages
  •         A Detailed Guide On Registering master pages in the web configuration
  •         Conclusion 

Using the Rich Controls

  •         Let Us Understand: Accepting File Uploads
  •         What Is The Method Of Saving files to file system
  •         Guidance About Calendar Control
  •         Importance Of Displaying advertisements
  •         What is all About Displaying Different Page view
  •         How Does It Work: Displaying a Tabbed Page View
  •         What Is Wizard Control
  •         Summary

SQL Server Basic

  •         A Detailed Information On Database Architecture
  •         Introduction Of Data Manipulation Language (DML)
  •         What Is Data Definition Language (DDL)
  •         Let us Understand Of Manipulation of Data (SQL Command)
  •         What Is All about Stored Procedure
  •         Basics: Function
  •         Trigger: What It Is?
  •         Importance Of Views 
  •         Significance and More: Cursor

Overview of Data Access

  •         Importance of Creating database connections
  •         Introduction of Connecting to MSSQL Server and MS Access
  •         What Is All About DataSet&DataTable Features
  •         Step-by-step Guide Of Using inline SQL Statements
  •         Basic Of Using Stored Procedures
  •         Ideal Way To Executing select commands
  •         Important Points Regarding Sql Transaction
  •         Summary


  •         Key features Of Data Type and syntax Language Fundamentals
  •         Importance of Classes
  •         Step-by-step Guide Of Namespaces
  •         Motto Of Oriented Programming concepts
  •         What Is All About Asp.Net inbuilt Classes and method
  •         Basic Of File Handling
  •         Conclusion 

Using the Grid View Control

  •         Basic Grid View Control fundamentals
  •         Importance of Displaying Data
  •         Introduction of Using Data Keys
  •         Step-by-step Guide Of Sorting Data
  •         Basic Of Paging through Data
  •         In The Last 

Using the Details View and Form View Controls

  •         Why It Needs to Understand About Using the Details View control
  •         Basic Of Displaying data with the DetailsView control
  •         Do You Know How To Use Fields with the DetailsView control
  •         Let Us Understand All aBout Displaying Empty data with the DetailsView control
  •         Summary

Using Repeater and Data List Controls

  •         Basic Of Using Repeater Control
  •         Importance Of Displaying data with the Repeater Control
  •         Why You Need To Understand Displaying Data with the Data List Control
  •         In The End

Using Navigation Controls

  •         Introduction of Site Maps
  •         Ideal Time To Use the Sitemap Path Control
  •         Go With Formatting the Sitemap Path Control
  •         Using the Menu Control
  •         Basic Of Using Tree View Control
  •         In The Last 

Working with XML and Web Services

  •         Importance of XML
  •         Significant Of Creating /Reading/Deleting XML Files
  •         Today Era and Web Services
  •         Summary

AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)

  •         Introduction of Ajax
  •         Basic Of Setting up and implementing Ajax
  •         Conclusion 

FTP Management

  •         Let Us Understand FTP
  •         Importance Of Setting up FTP Server (Live)
  •         All About Uploading and downloading FTP contents In A Detailed Manner 
  •         Two Words 

Sending Emails

  •         Today Era and Designing email panel
  •         Do You Know How to send an email to various users
  •         Step-by-step Guide Of Sending auto emails
  •         Summary


  •         A Detailed Information Upon Deploying application on Web Server
  •         In The Last 

Live Project

  •         Significant Of Getting customer's requirements
  •         What Is all About Preparing database and business logics
  •         Today Era and Developing application
  •         Step-by-step Guide Of Testing and implementing the project
  •         Deep Understanding Of Troubleshooting the project application after implementation
  •         Last Words 

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