English Speaking Course

Best English Speaking Institute in Delhi

Paper 1: Basic English Grammer


  •         Definition And Significance: Modern English Usage
  •         Learn How To Correct The Errors In Learner's Language
  •         What Is All About Peculiarities Of The English Language


  •         What Is Parts Of Speech And Their Uses
  •         A Small Guide On Word Formation
  •         Significance Of Tenses And Their Uses
  •         What Are Articles And Their Uses
  •         Let’s Learn Types Of Sentences And Their Patterns

Paper 2: Phonology Of English


  •  Detailed Information Of Phonetic Skills – Ideal To Have For Correcting Pronunciation Of Words And To Spell Them Correctly
  • Important Ear Training To Students To Help Them Listen to Sounds And Understand English In A Better Way
  • Practice Of Word Accents And Speech Rhythm And Spoken English


  •     What Are Consonants And Vowels
  •     How Useful Is Phonetic Transcription Of Words And Sentences?
  •     All About Syllabus And CVC Pattern.
  •     Learning Of Rules For Word Accents.
  •     What Is About Weak Forms And Strong Forms
  •     Deep Understanding OF Accent Patterns In Connected Speech.

Intonation: Rising Tone: Falling Tone Etc.

Practice Test Will Include:

  •   Practice Of Loud Reading Of A Poem/Passage.
  •   Better Understanding Of Pronunciation Of Words.
  •   Emphasizing On Accent And Pronunciation Of Words Through Movies.

Paper 3: Conversation In English


  •     Enhancing Communicative Competence Of The Students.
  •     Making The Student Converse In Their Life Situations
  •    Training Of The Students Use English For The Practical Purpose

Topics: [A] Patterns:

Greeting • Introducing Yourself • Making Request

Expressing Gratitude • Complimenting & Congratulating.

Expressing Sympathy • Apologizing • Seeking Permission.

Complaining & Expressing Regret • Asking For Information.

[B] Using English In Real Life Situation

At The Bank/Post Office/College/Office

At The Grocery Shop • At The Police Station

At The College Canteen/Restaurant

At The Railway Station/Bus Station

At The Medical Shop • At The Travel Agency

At The Library • Interview • Booking A Room In Hotel