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PHP Course in Delhi is quite essential for anyone when it comes to the developing industry. The best thing is that it is regarded as the best course if you want to have a better career plan. The best thing is that it plays a major role to understand the various database functional specifications. 

Going with PHP courses means you will get to learn the ideal way PHP supports to have a better connection to MySQL. The best thing is that you can easily learn regarding the installation procedure of PHP in a great way. At IICS, you will get to learn everything in an ideal way. Moreover, IICS is regarded as the best Php Training Institute in Delhi. Here, you can easily learn all about the installation procedure of PHP.  

There are so many advantages to learning PHP indeed. Having a certified course can truly add more stars to your resume so that you can have a job at your favourite place indeed. Learning from the experts at IICS means you will get loaded with amazing information and skills too. If you want to learn all about PHP, you must get it enrolled for Php Training in Delhi indeed.

PHP is a service side scripting language and candidates having profound Php Training Institute in Delhi NCR are high in demand among the reputed companies. PHP is generally used to develop dynamic web applications. Moreover, it is said that it is an ideal choice for application developers because of its simplicity as well as a framework on which it is made. 

Choose IICS the Best PHP Training Institute in Delhi to get good at it. The motto of this incredible course is training the students in the respect of PHP indeed. Moreover, the other two frameworks are called Joomla and Cake PHP. You will have training from the great experts. 

UNIT 1:- PHP Introduction

· Let Understand PHP First

· What Is The Ideal Way To PHP Install

  •         Significance Of PHP Syntax
  •         What Is All About The PHP Variables
  •         Let Us Understand PHP Echo / Print
  •         How Many Types Of PHP Data Types
  •         A Detailed Guide On PHP Strings
  •         Time To Understand PHP Constants
  •         What Is All About PHP Operators
  •         What Is All About PHP If...Else...Elseif
  •         Importance Of PHP Switch
  •         PHP While Loops – What It Is?
  •         Small Guide On PHP For Loops
  •         Better Understanding Of PHP Functions
  •         Importance Of PHP Arrays
  •         Significance Of PHP Sorting Arrays
  •         What Is PHP Superglobals


  •         A Deep Understanding Of PHP Form Handling
  •         What Does It Mean By PHP Form Validation

UNIT 3:- PHP Advanced

  •         How Does It Work: PHP Arrays Multi
  •         PHP Date and Time: Significance and More 
  •         What Is All About PHP Include
  •         Step-By-Step Guide On PHP File Handling
  •         Let Us Understand About PHP File Open/Read
  •         Importance Of PHP File Create/Write
  •         Guidance Of PHP File Upload
  •         Significance Of PHP Cookies
  •         PHP Sessions – Importance and Types 
  •         What Is All About PHP FiltersPHP Filters Advanced
  •         PHP Error Handling: what it Is?
  •         PHP Exception – Key Feature and More 

UNIT 4:- String Manipulation

  •         How To Use of single & double quotes in representing Strings
  •         What Is All About The Use of basic string functions strlen(), substr(), strcmp(), and str_replace()
  •         Significance of trimming functions trim(), ltrim(), and rtrim()
  •         How To Use of case changing functions strtolower(), strtoupper(), ucwords(), ucfirst(), and lcfirst()
  •         Discreet Use of position finding functions strpos(), strrpos(), and  strstr()
  •         What Is All About The Way To Use explode() and implode() functions
  •         Go With Significance and Use of printf(), sprintf(), and sscanf()

UNIT 5:-Reading & Writing data from files.

  •         A Deep Understanding need for file handling
  •         What Is The Ideal Way Of Creating file using touch() and fopen() functions
  •         What About The Different modes of opening files r, w, a, r+, w+, a+
  •         What It The Ideal Use of file read/write functions fread(), fwrite(), fgetc() fgets(),
  •         fscanf(), file_put_contents(), file_get_contents() functions
  •         Let Us Understand The Use of file utility functions fseek(), ftell(), feof(), filesize(), fclose()

UNIT 6:-MySQL Database

  •         What Is MySQL Database?
  •         How does MySQL Connect Work?
  •         Let Us Understand MySQL Create DB MySQL Create Table
  •         Importance Of MySQL Insert Data
  •         What Is All About MySQL Get the Last ID
  •         Deep Understanding Of MySQL Insert Multiple
  •         Significance Of MySQL Prepared
  •         A Detailed Information On MySQL Select Data
  •         A Better Understanding Of MySQL Delete Data
  •         Let Us Understand All About MySQL Update Data
  •         Importance Of MySQL Limit Data

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